Staff of the Week: Tazola Thomas-Bradshaw

Ms. Tazola Thomas-Bradshaw has been employed at NHC for over 7 years as an Accounts Clerk in the Accounts and Finance department. Ms. Bradshaw supports the accounting team by reconciling bank statements, invoicing Clients, and more. In some cases, she also performs administrative duties to keep the team running smoothly. She is a team player and is very self-motivated. Ms. Bradshaw is an outstanding Accounts Clerk and demonstrates expertise in clerical work, accounting, excellent organizational skills and great customer service.

Ms. Bradshaw is happy that she has the skill-set to deal with and handle any challenges faced. Interacting with fellow employees, Clients and suppliers becomes very easy because of her very professional and sociable personality. Her newest approach to the job is being open to ideas, although change was never a barrier for her. Building great friendships with co-workers, meeting deadlines and accomplishing tasks are just some of the things that make Tazola feel proficient.

To add to her many attributes; charming, intelligent and courageous, Tazola will like to upgrade her training to include Management skills.