The National Housing Corporation (NHC) was incorporated in 1996 after being renamed from the Central Housing Authority (CHA). NHC was created by an Act of Parliament in 1997 for the purposes of “adding and improving” the existing supply of houses and enhancing the usefulness of the funds of the Corporation by promoting greater efficiency in the housing sector.

From the onset, consultations were had for the preparation of affordable houses which included strategies to better understand the challenges and opportunities for developing affordable housing and to obtain action plans on how the communities can develop these houses in the communities.  A major component of the strategy was specific recommendations on public housing resources that might become available to help the citizens obtain these affordable houses.

Over the years, NHC has always strived to achieve its Mission Statement. Evidently, NHC has delivered over Five-Thousand (5000) lots and distributed over Two-Thousand (2000) homes throughout the island under several different projects, namely:

  • Super Low Houses
  • Affordable Houses
  • House St. Kitts
  • NEMA Houses
  • HS-500 Houses
  • X-SSMC
  • Town Houses
  • Duplex
  • Independence Habitat 30 Housing
  • Unity Housing Solution (UHS)