Staff of the Week: Jermaine Martin

Jermaine Martin is our Featured Staff of the Week. Ms. Martin has been employed at NHC for 21 years, initially as a Customer Service Clerk and now a Supervisor in the Mortgage department.

Ms. Martin has performed diligently over the years causing her to land the Supervisory title. She supervises a team of three (3) persons with whom she imparts her knowledge of the responsibilities of that department and by extension, the Corporation. Ms. Martin has extensive experience with customer care and is very proficient working with our existing accounting software. She enjoys gaining familiarity of homeowners and potential homeowners, and speaking on their behalves for housing opportunities.

Ms. Martin’s role is easily administered as she has been assisting Clients for so many years and always makes herself available to assist. Her new approach to the department is addressing the concerns of the Clients more effectively, which makes her able to accommodate families who never thought that it was possible to own a home.

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Customer Service is one of her future aspirations.