Staff of the Week: Shawn Williams

Mr. Shawn Williams has been employed at NHC for 10 years. He was initially employed as a Building Inspector in the Technical department. Mr. Williams is now the Repairs and Maintenance Officer / Project Manager in the same department. His roles include but are not limited to, assessing and solving maintenance issues on apartments and houses that were recently distributed, inspecting projects from start to finish, and more. He is very efficient, practices time management beyond expectations and has a wealth of knowledge of the construction industry. He supervises the projects effortlessly due to his many years of experience in that field. Mr. Williams is an outstanding employee who loves his job and enjoys what he does because of his passion for construction. What is most rewarding to him is the satisfaction of timely completion in the quality of houses constructed that allows NHC to live up to its mantra, “Raising Standards!”

Despite having a construction background, Mr. Williams would like to pursue a career in Meteorology and / or the airline industry as a Pilot.