Staff of the Week: Mrs. Lillian Salters

Mrs. Lillian Salters is the Featured Staff of the Week. Mrs. Salters has been employed at NHC for 20 years. She started out as a Technical Clerk in the Technical department and is now a Mortgage Officer in the Mortgage department.

Mrs. Salters’ main role is to conduct interviews with house applicants. What she enjoys most about her job is the person-to-person interviews with applicants to assist them in acquiring a home that’s suitable for their family and financial needs. Mrs. Salters performs her tasks effortlessly as she has been interacting with applicants on a daily basis for many years. She is very honest, humble and polite, which are characteristics of an outstanding employee.

The reward of helping families to get their first home is priceless to her. Mrs. Salters is very thorough, responsible, committed and loyal to the Corporation and always goes the extra mile to complete her tasks and assist her coworkers.