NHC Visit to the Garden Housing Project

Saturday 28th November, 2017 (Basseterre, St. Kitts) – Mr. Valentine Lindsay, Chairman of NHC, Mrs. Elreter Simpson-Browne, General Manager, and other management and staff of NHC visited the tenants of the Garden Housing Project on Saturday. Ambassador Jonel Powell, Constituency Representative for the area, was also present to listen to their needs and provide moral support to both NHC and the tenants.

This visit was organized by the tenants of the 3 buildings to discuss a number of challenges that they have been experiencing for many years. NHC also outlined the challenges that they are facing with the tenants.

The tenants described the challenges as improper living conditions since they have moved in 5 and more years ago. NHC has done some upgrades to the buildings and in the apartments since the new Board in 2015. This is to assist with making sure that the environment is conducive to healthy living. Tenants moved into some of these apartments without windows, damaged bathrooms, under filthy conditions and more. NHC Chairman, Mr. Lindsay, made a commitment to provide them with a better, more comfortable and safer environment, by painting of the apartments, changing windows and doors, solving the water and electrical problems, among other things. However, he asked that tenants live up to their obligations and responsibilities of keeping the area clean and meeting their monthly payments, which is a challenge that NHC has been facing for many years. He noted that NHC, although a statutory body, relies solely on income generated from mortgagers and tenants to cover its expenses.

Ambassador Powell pleaded with the tenants to form an association that will help to keep a clean and healthy environment. He also stressed the importance of making their monthly and timely payments so that NHC can continue to provide the lowest rental rates to them.

NHC has employed Project Managers to oversee the proper upkeep of these buildings. They have also employed workmen from the constituency who will be engaged in upgrades and repairs in the tune of half a million dollars. Some repairs such as changing of windows and doors have started while painting will commence shortly to be concluded for the Christmas holidays.

Mrs. Browne thanked the tenants for taking the initiative for the meeting and gave her commitment to follow through on the promises made at same meeting.