Staff of the Week: Lindalee Hepburn

Mrs. Lindalee Hepburn has been employed at NHC for 5 years. She was initially employed in the Customer Service Department as a Customer Service representative. Mrs. Hepburn is now the Corporation’s Receptionist, an extension of the new Client and Public Relations department; directing calls, queries and questions to the rightful department and/or personnel, among other responsibilities.

She is happy in her position given that the roles are nothing new to her. Mrs. Hepburn enjoys the responsibility of being the first point of contact for Clients and visitors because she enjoys meeting and interacting with people. Her friendly and warm personality makes her best suited for her job title. Mrs. Hepburn is very polite, as well as, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and experienced in her role and of the Corporation. Her willingness to learn new things and her adaptability to change make her an outstanding employee. What is most rewarding to her as an employee of NHC is her engagement with staff and visitors that encourages a professional work environment.