Staff of the Week: Cynthia Bart

Mrs. Cynthia Bart is our Featured Staff of the Week. Mrs. Bart has been employed at NHC for 8 years and continues to work diligently as an Accounts Clerk.

Mrs. Bart performs her tasks exceptionally well and is always available to assist her coworkers at any time. She is responsible for all accounts payable in the Accounts department and although that is her main responsibility she lends her support whenever she’s needed. Her warmth, brilliance and sense of humour make her a spectacular team player. Mrs. Bart enjoys being able to deliver on time to ensure staff and Clients’ satisfaction.

Mrs. Bart is definitely an asset to the Corporation as portrayed in her persona. She is knowledgeable and experienced, always reliable, communicates with confidence, does more than asked, adapts quickly and easily and she displays genuine commitment.