NHC held forum to educate staff on the coronavirus and the importance of the AstraZeneca vaccine

NHC COMM (May, 2021) – The National Housing Corporation (NHC), held an informative and educational forum on “understanding the COVID-19 pandemic and the Astrazeneca Vaccine.” Members from the Ministry of Health acted on a request to visit the Corporation to explain the seriousness of the coronavirus and ways to prevent becoming terminally ill.

Dr. Natalie Osborne, General Surgeon, explained in detail the coronavirus and its ancient existence, how the virus is contracted and transmitted, as well as, preventative measures, among other important related topics. The best way to prevent and slow down the virus is to
be informed.

Nurses from the Ministry accompanied Dr. Osborne to administer the vaccine to interested persons. Though taking the vaccine is not mandatory at the Corporation, staff is encouraged to take the vaccine to protect themselves and their loved ones.

A number of staff opted to take the vaccine, which was not a forced decision. Their decisions were made as a result of Dr. Osborne’s phenomenal presentation, coupled with their individual social responsibility. Among the persons who were vaccinated was Ms. Melisa Edwards Boutin, newly appointed General Manager at NHC.

NHC thanks Dr. Osborne, the nurses and by extension, the Ministry of Health, for their quick and favourable response to our request. NHC also thanks the management and staff for their participation in the forum and their interest in getting vaccinated.