NHC educates the public on home ownership

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, May 9th, 2019 – The National Housing Corporation, NHC, seeks to educate the Public on the importance of Home Ownership through various medium.

Over the past year, NHC’s Client and Public Relations department held a number of community consultations with an aim to educate the public on the importance of owning a home, which would have encouraged the NHC homeowners to take their monthly commitments seriously.

In addition to the community consultations, radio and television discussions were held, as well as, the use of social media to push the campaign. The Minster of Human Settlement, Et al, the Hon. Eugene Hamilton, along with the Board, Management and Staff at NHC were all vigorously involved in this campaign.

To date, the campaign continues as just recently we saw the present General Manager of NHC, Mr. Charles Morton and his team on the program “Working for You” educating the public on housing matters.

NHC reiterates some benefits of home ownership, which include but are not limited to financial security, responsibility, comfort, opportunity, retaining strong links to community and family. Among the areas of emphasis were the following: the importance of staying current with payments. For example a VISA letter can be obtained only if the client is in good standing with the Corporation. The same applies if the client is applying for credit elsewhere. Additionally, values of houses may increase once proper care and maintenance are effected as well as these houses can become generational homes, which are passed on to children, grandchildren, etc. Last but not least, owning a home avoids the inconvenience and frustration of having to seek rental homes.

Most importantly, Charles Morton indicated that “a part of NHC’s mandate is to increase the existing supply of houses in St. Kitts and that can only be achieved if persons continue to make their monthly mortgage payments in full and on time. The revenue generated from payments made by current and future home owners is a source of funding for maintaining the programme over the long term. It will be near impossible to contribute to the housing stock if persons are delinquent and refuse to meet their monthly commitment.”

NHC encourages persons to visit us on East Park Range or to contact us at telephone 466-4701 or via email at admin@nhc.kn to ensure that your accounts are current and that you continue to benefit.